Slot Overview: Wildfire Wins

Just For The Win is a Microgaming game. increases the temperature in a video slot game called Wildfire Wins, which has a flaming motif. The name pretty much sums up what you can expect from this slot machine: plenty of wilds, lots of fire, and maybe some winnings if you’re lucky. While you wait for the main money wheel feature to activate, you may enjoy respins with sticky wilds and multipliers. The game’s culmination is a three-tier bonus wheel round.

If you were to close your eyes as Wildfire Wins loaded, you could conjure up visions of the swinging sixties, gangster flicks, bank heists, or something equally hip and stylish. The moment you open them again, you’re reminded that Wildfire Wins isn’t exactly ground-breaking. The action takes place on a 5×5 grid in front of a blazing sun, supernova, or bright item, while a reward wheel spins silently in the top left corner of the screen. It’s like iSoftBet’s Hot Spin, but without the polish that the graphics usually bring to the table. The wheel isn’t that fascinating, and neither is the grand prize. Overall, it would have been tough to spin the reels of Wildfire Wins with any excitement if the game’s catchy soundtrack hadn’t been included.

If you hit the play button, 25 symbols will cascade down from the top left corner of the screen, potentially forming winning combinations across the game’s 50 fixed paylines. Wildfire Wins is another example of Just For The Win’s penchant for releasing high-volatility slot machines; this one has a volatility rating of “Very High.” There are three different types of RTP, the optimal one offering 96.1%. Theoretically, regardless of the RTP version, players may expect a victory to occur around 24.45% of the time. Available for play on any device, the betting limits each spin vary from 20 pence to £/€25.

Moving on to the payout symbols, tens and aces make up the lower value tiles, paying anywhere from half to one times your wager for five of a kind. A four-leaf clover is the next highest value, followed by a horseshoe, a seven, a bell, and a diamond. If you get five of a kind on a premium line, you’ll win anywhere from 1.5 times your bet to 5 times it. Five wilds in a row pays out 5x the wager. Wilds can appear randomly and replace any pay sign, and they can also be generated by special features.

Hot Wins with the Wildfire Slot Machine

If the Wildfire Wins reward wheels are in your favor, you may walk away with a very large top prize. Meanwhile, the Wildfire Respin function is responsible for the vast majority of the “white-knuckle” instances.

Spitfire Reverse

Low paying symbols might first appear as usual or in a unique flaming shape. A Wildfire Respin is awarded whenever a win contains at least one wild fire symbol. During the respin, the unique flaming symbol becomes a sticky wild whenever it appears. Another respin is given if a new type of special fire symbol falls, making it a sticky wild as well. If any more winning combinations include at least one of the special symbols, this bonus will continue. If all of the low-paying special symbols have been triggered, a single additional Wildfire Respin will be granted. A random multiplier of 2, 3, 5, or 10 is applied to all winnings.

Burning Tires

If you get 3 bonus symbols anywhere in the main game or during respin, you’ll activate Wildfire Wheels. Starting at level 1, you’ll have access to three separate bonus wheels. There are eight numbered spaces on each wheel, and they can be used to win cash, advance in levels, or collect. Wheels offer monetary values when they stop on a prize, and then spin again. When the feature is over and the collect button is pressed, the prize is collected. If it stops at “level up,” then the players advance to the next tier. The only options on the third wheel are to win rewards or gather items. Prizes range from 1x to 15x the wager on Level 1, 3x to 100x the wager on Level 2, and 5x to 10,000x the wager on Level 3. When you hit the 10,000, the bonus round is over and you be paid out 10,000 times your wager.

Slot Machine Decision in the Wildfire

It’s safe to suppose that every studio worth its salt has previously released at least a few of Wildfire Wins slots. Looking at the studio’s previous works, however, Just For The Win has mostly avoided the tired “lucky 7 horseshoes fires everywhere” trope. You wouldn’t really call it a Just For The Win destination. Wildfire Wins is a successful attempt, and fans of this genre will like it. Even more so if the thrill of a lottery-style jackpot victory appeals to you. Because of its widespread use in their Gold line and others, jackpot chasing is more familiar to Just For The Win.

Multi-wheel reward wheels are nothing new for the studio, either; Deco Diamonds Deluxe is only one example. Since then, Wildfire Wins’s prize wheel has been beefed up to include a more substantial jackpot. However, if you don’t get the 10,000x, the gap to second place is enormous. It’s great that you may win many rewards in a row from the wheels instead of just one. That’s cool, and the tunes are great, too. Since players aren’t likely to be near the Wildfire Wheels for the large part of the game, the respins function is essential for maintaining player interest. It does an acceptable job of this as well, with sticky wilds and, perhaps, multipliers. It’s efficient and effective.

If you’re not like that kind of game, you could think it’s tacky and annoying, not to mention a waste of time given how many there already are. Wildfire Wins is also guilty of this, it must be said. On the other hand, it has every feature a gamer could want, and if you wow the guardians of retro gaming, they’ll reward you with $10,000.